Another way to bet on Rob McEwen is Manitou Gold (symbol MTU for Canadians, MNTUF for Americans).


You can get shares in Manitou Gold now for only $.02.


Manitou Gold shares are worth more than $.02 each because the Canadian government System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders, SEDI, shows that McEwen paid $.15 per share in Manitou Gold.


And McEwen is not the only big name to buy into Manitou Gold.

Eric Sprott is a billionaire investor in Canada.

Eric Sprott’s Sprott Asset Management paid $.55 per share in Manitou Gold (see pages 9 and 28).

In addition to McEwen and Sprott, Goldcorp (the world’s largest gold mining company) also bought into Manitou Gold and paid $0.55 per share.

So how could anyone resist Manitou Gold shares now selling for only $.02?