My name is Alfred Horg, and I am glad that you enjoy reading my humble opinions. But I believe that you would find my opinions less humble if you review my companion blog at: http://3yeardouble.blogspot.com/

In my companion blog, you can access raw data sufficient for auditing my conclusion that I have achieved a 17.43% annualized gain between 2006 and 2021 (i.e. I beat the 7.34% annualized gain of gold by 10.09%).

I achieved my market-beating annualized gains by investing into stocks.  I measure my performance against gold not to show that gold is an unwise purchase.  I measure my performance against gold because gold is a store of value that has remained stable for thousands of years.  In other words, gold is a reliable ruler.  The U.S. dollar that most people use to measure value, in contrast to gold, is a shrinking ruler.

If you would like to hear more of my opinions, please enter your email to the left and subscribe.  If you would like my help with your investments, please send me an email at alfredhorg@gmail.com or fill in the contact form below.  Once I see that your email is not a spam, then I will be happy to help you by phone as well.  I seek no compensation.  I seek only to cultivate a following, and to achieve worldwide fame so I never have to work in a trash dump again and poop my pants twice in one day.

If you do NOT want to enter your email address to the left and subscribe, then you are just like 99% of the people who visit this blog.  And you could be one of the 99% who try to beat the market and fail.

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Here is my video introduction.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. egloromant said:

    Hello! We would like your recommendation, as very green investors, on which investments we should follow as of fall 2018. We found your videos through one of your YouTube comments (in a Dave Ramsay video) and we enjoyed your frankness and wish to have investment success.

    Thank you for your time.

    Stephen & Elizabeth


    • This is the type of discussion that I enjoy very much. But I am rather busy lately with a new job, so what I say here would be only a fraction that I could convey to you by phone on the weekend.

      For most people, I recommend an ETF based on an index. What ETFs to purchase? I recommend RSP, VB, and VSS.

      Never ever pay for investment advice. You would essentially pay someone NOT to tell you that you’re stupid for paying them:


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